Chef Cristina Bowerman

Cristina Bowerman, awarded one Michelin star and other prestigious awards, was born in Italy in Cerignola, in the province of Foggia (Apulia).
After graduating in Law in 1990, in 1992 she left Puglia for the United States, to San Francisco. In California she alternated forensic studies and graphic design to working at Higher Grounds, a coffee house in San Francisco where she developed her passion for cooking, that she had always cultivated largely due to her mother’s and grandmother’s teachings.
In 1998 she moved to Austin, where she earned a degree in Culinary Arts in 2004. There – in particular thanks to the experience at the Driskill Grill – she developed discipline and technique, working a lot on sharpness, definition and concentration of flavors.

In 2005 she decided to come back to Italy. She gained an important first experience at the Convivio Troiani in Rome, before moving to Glass Hostaria, a restaurant that had been opened for one year at that time, in the heart of Trastevere, one of the most famous and touristic areas of Rome. It is a space contemporary in the environment and innovative in its philosophy and gastronomic proposal.
Cristina Bowerman started to propose her highly original cuisine, resulting from the different experiences – personal and professional – she made abroad, from the many internships at leading restaurants around the world that she attended to acquire new knowledge, to learn and refine the techniques she took back to Rome and reworked with her own twist.

She managed to conquer a wide audience of locals and internationals with her kitchen, sometimes provocative and unsettling, but always recognizable and tasty, able to communicate – in an interesting mix – global and local, modernity and tradition.

The “history” of the Chef and that one of the restaurant Glass became a case study at Bocconi University in the 2010 program.
In 2008 she received ‘two forks’ in The Gambero Rosso Guide and in 2010 she was awarded a Michelin star – the only female chef to receive one that year.

In November 2012, after a radical renovation of a former Alfa Romeo factory in the Prati district of Rome, it was born Romeo Chef & Baker. Chef Bowerman curated the gastronomic proposal of this unique and innovative project.

After that she also created the two Ape Romeo food truck, made to make Romeo’s proposal itinerant.

In 2013 she was awarded the prize “Woman Chef of the Year” – Identità Golose 2013.

Cristina told her exciting story in a book published in 2014 by Mondadori: “From Cerignola to San Francisco and back – My countercurrent life as a chef”.

In 2015 Romeo was born in Testaccio Market in Rome, the most popular market in Rome, where Cristina Bowerman wanted to transfer her travel experiences around the world, giving life to internationally inspired pop concept.
In 2015 Romeo’s experience moved from Prati in the Testaccio district of Rome, in Piazza dell’Emporio: more than two thousand square meters, including restaurant, bakery, gastronomy, Frigo ice-cream shop and Giulietta pizzeria, specialized in both Neapolitan and Roman pizza.

Beyond creativity and quality of her culinary inventions, Cristina Bowerman has an emblematic career as she managed to emerge in an environment – such as haute cuisine – extremely biased towards males. This value has been recognized at TEDxMilano Women, the Italian event organized – in the spirit of the Californian TED Prize – to tell and promote “ideas that deserve to be lived.”

In 2015 Cristina Bowerman is the only woman selected as Chef Ambassador at Expo Milano 2015, the initiative aimed at creating an international network of opinion leaders, ready to convey the principles linked to the World Expo Theme: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.

In November 2015 the Chef receives the Prize ‘Aila Progetto Donna’ from Associazione Aila Italian Foundation for the Fight against Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis. Among her most beloved commitments, in 2015 she is the star of the biggest ACTION AID campaign ever. She is also very committed in the organization of Fiorano For Kids, annual event to raise funds to research on the therapeutic role of specific diets in the treatment of epilepsy in children.

From March 2016, Cristina Bowerman is in the Food Act Committee, the act between Italian cuisine and the institutions, at Ministry of Agriculture Food and Forestry Policies.

In March 2016 she is awarded the prize “Identità nuove sfide” at Identità Golose 2016.

In June 2016 Cristina Bowerman is selected as President of the Association of Italian Ambassadors of Taste.

In December 2016 Cristina Bowerman participates in the opening of Assaggio Bistrot by Autogrill (Terminal 3 – Fiumicino Airport area) offering a supervision on launching project, by signing the menu and food selection.

In May 2017 Cristina Bowerman is awarded the “Non omnia possumus omnes”, 9th edition National Literary Prize Nicola Zingarelli.

In February 2018 Cristina Bowerman is selected as Ambassador of the Association of Telefono Rosa. She is nominated member of the Technical Committee of Coordination for the Year of Italian Food 2018 from the Minister of Cultural and Tourism. In March she is nominated member of Committee of the degree course in Food and Wine Sciences at the University of Roma Tre, and she is awarded at Cinecibo Awards in Rome.

In April 2018 Cristina Bowerman is involved as speaker to TEDXAUBG in Bulgaria and, within the same month, she goes to Festival Worlds of Flavor in California as presenter.

In June 2018, during a ceremony at the Townhall of Rome, Cristina Bowerman is awarded “Premio Simpatia per le storie 2018”, granted for social merits.
Within the same month, during the 18th edition of the “Festival of Italian Cuisine”, in Pesaro, she is awarded “Premio Galvanina” as Best Chef for the year 2018.
In September 2018, at the see of the Italian Ministery of Education “MIUR – Ministero dell’Istruzione, Università e Ricerca”, Cristina Bowerman – as President of the Association of Italian Ambassadors of Taste – and Re.Na.i.A. – Rete Nazionale degli Istituti Alberghieri – sign an agreement called “Adotta un Istituto Alberghiero” in support of Italian Cooking Schools.
In October 2018, during the “Love Italian Life” Awards 2018 Ceremony held in Dublin, Cristina Bowerman receives the “Best Female Italian Chef in Europe 2018” Award, sponsored by Luxury Food&Lifestyle Worldwide. Within the same month, she is awarded by FoodCommunity the prizes as “Female Chef of the Year” and “Development and Culture of Made in Italy – Italian Association of Ambassadors of Taste”.
In November 2018, as Ambassador of the Mediterranean Diet, Cristina is invited to take part in Roma Expo Salus and Nutrition, held at Teatro Salus – Lo Show del Benessere (Fiera di Roma), with a cooking demonstration called “The (Mediterranean) broth is primordial”.
Recently she joined Chef Manifesto, the initiative launched by Paul Newnham, which aims to end hunger, achieve food security and promote sustainable agriculture by 2030.