Glass @ your home

The atmosphere of Glass in your home! A tasting menu signed by Chef Cristina Bowerman, with four course, aperitif, flowers and other surprises.

Together with the menu we will deliver our dishes (one of them as a gift), to create a small Glass Hostaria directly in your living room.


Aperitif with rice chips, mixed seeds and avocado served with a cocktail by Keynco

Coconut, green curry, nerves, foie gras and prawns
Vitel Tonné 2.0

Tagliolini with bagna cauda with black ease and sea urchins
Pasta, potatoes and bottarga

Pork socket, fermented lemon, salsify, bacon glaze and apricots

Condensed milk, jelly coffee, blasted almonds and Baileys ice cream

90 euro

When: Friday and Saturday for dinner, Sunday for lunch and dinner.
Minimum order: 2 people.
Free delivery: within 5km